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Ask me anything   Hello, and welcome back to those who may have followed my first Tumblr account! My name is Matt, and I am... well, a melting pot of things, really :P Army veteran, student of animation at SCAD, Disney fanatic (especially the classics), Looney Tunes fan, video game nerd... the list goes on and on. This particular Tumblr is my attempt to get back into having a Tumblr, so I'll (try to) update as much as possible. I also appreciate any Ask that you feel like sending to me, so don't be shy about that!


Happy Birthday to the Bugs Bune


Happy Birthday to the Bugs Bune

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thus far, a rather uninspiring thing…

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"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide."

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When people try to dive much deeper into a concept than they need to. Maybe someone can explain to me what this means, maybe I’m just not understanding this like I should :I

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Just a random thought since I appear to be awake right now →


So… I’m reading over the posts about the Malaysia flight that crashed recently, because it seems to be trending on tumblr. Most of them are pretty appropriate responses… rip and all that… but than there are others who wish that we’d just be transported into some sort of perfect world where hatred,…

Reblog in response to a post I saw on my wall this morning.

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My the TMNT show tonight at Gallery Nucleus!


My the TMNT show tonight at Gallery Nucleus!

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A gifset to describe my feelings about fighting Riku (Ansem) in the Grand Hall on Proud Mode:

First I was like

Than I started getting my ass kicked…

After the 8th time I finally

If any of you know my feel, feel free to reblog or like.

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